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Gene Symbol e.g. SHC1
Protein Name e.g. EGF receptor
Accession Number e.g. NP_002077
Pathway Name
 Curated Pathways  45
 Molecules Involved  1053
 Physical Interactions  2448
 Genes Transcriptionally Regulated  7401
 Transport  284
 Enzyme Catalysis  1597
 PubMed Citations  2228

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'NetPath' is a manually curated resource of pathways in humans. The pathways are available in BioPAX level 3.0, PSI-MI version 2.5 and SBML version 2.1 formats. The slim pathway models representing only core reactions in each pathway are available at NetSlim.
Please cite the following reference for this database:
Kandasamy, K. and Mohan, S. S. et al. (2010). NetPath: A public resource of curated signal transduction pathways. Genome Biology. 11:R3.[PubMed]